Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Five for February....

1) We are over a month into the New Year so thought we'd report on our 2010 resolutions. The most successful thus far? Both of us waking up at 5:30 (yikes!) on weekdays to take turns going to the YMCA. Painful? Yes, it is, but the kids get up around 6, and it is so much more pleasant to have a few minutes to ourselves before facing the day with them.

2) Our other big resolution was to start a side business this year. More details on that to follow. Now that both of those goals are out in public, please feel to hold us accountable to them.

3) Carrigan had her 6-month check-up visit yesterday and is as healthy as ever. She's at 15 lbs, 10 oz. and 23 inches. With a little sleep-training help, she's back to sleeping through the night and can't get enough of any table food we put in front of her. And she's starting to notice when Brinnly steals her Cheerios.

4) Now that the girls get so excited for holidays of any sort, I wish we lived within driving distance of Puxatony, PA again. Too bad we never made it there when we were that close.

5) The girls have been starting the mornings by dancing around a disco ball in a dark kitchen wearing princess dress-up clothes. I need to take some video to capture this particular stage in life and to play at their weddings.

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Suz said...

Yes you have to get that on video! And how great you guys are about your early Y trips..,I am impressed, I will never be an early workout person (although I wish I could be!!). Look forward to hearing more about the business venture :)
And as for the road trip...it is a huge drinking party so you may want to hold off on that for several more years.....