Friday, April 16, 2010 Celebrate Grandpa Gregg, of course!

It was his 60th! At his request, we made a family pilgramage to Cabela's last weekend. The kids had a blast checking out the REAL stuffed animals, the telescopes, the camping gear, and the yummy restaurant. Mali did note that for her birthday she was NOT going to choose a "far away store" but rather, "lots of presents".

Thanks to some special baby-sitters (Grandma Deni & Aunt Amber) the Shunkwiler-Ward-almost Wissing adults got to have a dinner on their own to as part of the festivities. Wheatberry Restaurant in Buchanan was impressive and we look forward to going back. And nothing says "We Love you Grandpa) like an ice cream cake. De-lish!

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