Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Dance

It was a happening week at Our Savior Lutheran School this past week. Have we mentioned how much we love that place? And not just for the field trips! Mali had her first date on Friday night with the guy that will set the tone for all of the other dates in her life. They danced the night away (until 8: 15 pm or so) in the school gym. Appetizers were served and she came home with a Barbie door prize. My favorite part of the day was Mali telling Jonathan at breakfast "DON'T be late for the dance tonight". I wonder where she gets that from?

In the interest of fairness, Brinnly also had a special night at home with Mommy, Aunt Amanda and Maddy after the babies of both families went to bed. And next year Brinnly intends to be front and center on that dance floor too.

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