Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I want to remember every little detail...

like the airplane ridethe Kurths and their beautiful vanthe porch swing
the weather
Mali's first glimpse of her future college
the "slide"
Carrigan's first BBQ
the magic tricks
the friendshipsand every other part of our fantastic trip to Texas.

(Good thing so many of these memories are in VIVID color. Keep Austin Weird!)


Aunt Julie said...

I love love love the mayching shirts!!! what future college is that A&M? BAYLOR?
glad you had a great time we will miss you this weekend.

A.julie said...

PS: there is NOTHING like Texas BAR-B_Q......my mouth is waterng.....Thank you!!!

Sarah said...

Would love to hear about your trip Kaethe! We are headed to Texas for 10 days in July... yes, 10 days in July in Texas! HOT!

mh said...

A future Longhorn in the Ward, family? Did you teach Mali how to properly execute a good "Hook 'Em?"

I take it Jonathan's cool with the Big 12... :)

Matthew D. Wilson said...

The only thing better than texas bbq is Sonnys BBQ in Florida