Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten Months Old

Ladies and gentleman...we have a crawler. That has changed her life over the past two weeks. She maneuvers everywhere stopping only occasionally for a quick re-charge hug from Mommy or Daddy.

--She waves and points constantly throughout the day, especially when someone new enters the room. She's usually the first kid awake and loves the moment that she sees each of her sisters in the morning.

--Signing? No way. She'd rather grunt (LOUDLY) for her food, or very deliberately point at her tray. Her personality changes from cheery to demanding at meals if she doesn't get the food she wants quickly enough.

--Occasionally we can pacify her with cracker or cheerios, but want she really wants is diced grapes or strawberries. Hard food for busy parents to prep! Once she sees that fruit is available, she rejects anything else. She also loves pasta, cheese, and tomato sauce. But who doesn't? At this point, it's virtually all table food. We've really never done much canned baby food for any of our kids, figuring it's just easier to feed them off of our plates.

--She is still nursing well with 4-5 regular feedings a day. She's take an occasional bottle and does okay with whole milk too. She LOVES sippy cups of water with meals too.

--At her last well-baby visit, she was almost 17 lbs and into the 75% for height. How did that happen? Based on the clothes she fits into now, she's definitely bigger than either of her sisters. She's into size 12 months now and wears 3's diapers.

--Bath time is her absolute favorite time and is always our go-to for calming.

--She loves to read books and take out any toys from baskets. This keeps her busy for good amounts of time.

--Did I mention how loud she is? Seriously, the highest volume in the family.

--Overall, she's a great sleeper (regular bedtime and two long naps a day) but has been known to keep her sisters up at night. We heard them the other night saying "Carrigan, it's not a party...it's bedtime!".

--No teeth yet. We're thinking she'll be a very late teether, like Brinn.

--Her tufts of blond hair are finally filling in. With beautiful hints of strawberry-gold!

--We're often asked how much she looks like the other girls. Obviously, there's a resemblance, but her size is bigger and her hands/feet/fingers are longer and narrower. The otter girls were never this blond and each of them have a unique eye color. Amalia's are grey-blue, Brinnly's are hazel, and Carrigan's are bright blue. Carrigan has been a "blondie" in all of her features since birth. Yet another way she's showing us her individual self!

--She's still a delightfully happy little girl that brings all of us smiles. We can't wait to see what that little character will do next.


Anonymous said...

That's our girl!

Grandma Sandy

Auntie Julie said...

AWWWWWWww I miss you all so much!!! so so pretty!