Friday, May 21, 2010

Five on Friday

Here's what's been keeping us busy lately....

1) Jonathan and I both ran the 5/3 River Bank 10K run on May 8th. It was a great experience to train with a group from our church. We ended happy with our times (K 48 min and J 42 min) but cold and wet. And no desire to put in the time necessary to train for longer distances.

2) That same weekend we had a bridal shower, a birthday party for Jonathan, and celebrated Mother's Day. Mali also got a sassy new haircut, compliments of Aunt Pat.

3) We spent last Friday night (kid-free, thank you Mom & Dad!) Saturday at our friends' parents' condo near Grand Haven. We were able to go out onto Lake Michigan, enjoyed the sunset, and watched far too many episodes of our newest addiction, The Wire

4) The weather was beatiful this week and all the girls spent a lot of time on their bikes. We also took our first trip to the Chihuly exhibit at Meijer Gardens. Stunning!

4) Mali finished up preschool this week. Where did that time go?

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