Thursday, September 02, 2010

Carrigan Walks! (And Boats! And Floats!)

It was a perfect boating day this past Sunday so we headed out to Gun Lake with the Stevens family. (When we moved to Michigan we were determined to find friends with a boat. Mission accomplished! But there are lots of other reasons why they are Carrigan's godparents and dear friends to all of us) It was Carrigan's first boat trip outside of the view of my belly. She cried at first when we put the life jacket on her but loved the sensation when the boat actually started moving. She managed a quick dip in the water and then a quick nap on the seats. Just when we thought her "firsts" were done for the day, we headed back to the campsite and Carrigan stood up in the middle of all of us and took 20 good steps! She's been moving ever since.

***In other firsts, Brinnly managed to thouroughly enjoy both the boat and the tube without screaming and clinging on to us. She and Mali are currently tied for "Best Boat Hair" award.

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Suz said...

they are beautiful even with that boat hair! haha congrats carrigan on walking!!! welcome to a whole new world of fun :) i love how she is just sleeping right there on the boat seat! clare is a great sleeper but not really into falling asleep anywhere except bed or mommy (the kid NEVER EVER sleeps in the car?!! who does that?) looks like you guys had a great time on the boat. the boys went tubing for the first time this year too and loved it!