Friday, September 10, 2010



Three years ago today we really learned the definiton of multi-tasking. Baby Brinnly Ruth entered the world and our already full hands (Big Sister Amalia was only 14 months old!) but we gladly made room for one more. And now she's staked out her place in our family as the middle girl--usually the favorite of both of her sisters. Not too little to play with Mali and not too big to play with Carrigan. She chatters away. Nonstop. Especially when she's tired or trying to distract us from her full plate of food that she is not eating. Her cuddles are as irrestible as her eyelashes. She sings and dances and creates with a talent unlike anyone else in our immediate family. Her good (imaginary) friends, Hata and Hoshish, are not around as often anymore but do still make occasional appearances. When we watch her baby her dolls we picture her all grown up as a mommy. She claims she is going to have 11 kids. (Mali doesn't know how many kids she is going to have but she is certain they will be allowed to watch MUCH more TV than our kids are) We think Brinn is going to drive away with a guy on a motorcycle someday, but until then we'll keep holding her close and calling her "Bugs" as long as she'll let us. We love you so dearly, Brinnly Ruth Ward!


Anonymous said...

We love you SO much, Brinnly Bug! We're glad you're 3 years old!

Grandma Sandy and Grandpa

Suz said...

she just keeps getting cuter each year!! i love that they talk about having kids, 11?!? thanks for always keeping up with your blog (unlike me) so i can feel like you are still close and keep up with what is going on :)