Friday, October 08, 2010

The Ryans!

Blogger is giving me some issues when it comes to formatting (or maybe it's because I'm a social worker by trade, NOT a web designer) but here's a glimpse into our fantastic 24 hours with the Ryans.

This was the first time we were all together with six kids, all of whom were out of the womb.  Wow!  It was refreshing to be around the family we learned to parent alongside with.  We like the same foods, bibs, toys, midwives, doctors, blogs, hobbies that we don't have time for, and potential future cities.  The kids picked up right where they left up and chased each other around like old times. 

There were so many combinations of kids. Nine, actually, Mike informed us. Including  Jack/Amalia, the first borns.  Brinnly/Jack, the chatty, 3-year-olds armed with stuffed animals.  Brinnly/Abigail, the higher-maintenance middles with a strong dislike for baby-sitters and bottles when younger.  Abigail/Carrigan, the blondies.  Carrigan/Iris, the sweetheart babes.  Maybe someday we will actually take pictures that include the CMU-alum dads and the running, blogging, knitting moms.
The June-Girls
The firstborns

The book-ends

We went down to ArtPrize but the huge lines led us to the children's activities at the art museum and that was pretty much it.  Oh, and ice cream of course, but that's a given when the Ryans are town,
Jack loved this pom-pom.  Or should I say, the wind-fan/street-sweeper

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Matthew D. Wilson said...

jack is surrounded by girls! Love it!