Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What else have we been up to?

1)  For starters, planning our nine-year anniversary celebration.  We're spending a weekend (sans kids!) in lovely Detroit, MI.  Seriously!  We've never spent time there it all and we figured it was time for somewhere other than Chicago to get all of the glory and travel business.

2)  The Kurths were here!  Those wonderful friends of ours drove all the way from Texas to Grand Rapids--via upstate New York.  With three kids!  It was a fantastic visit.  But when is that ever not the case?  Pictures to come.

3)  We're not sure what is cutest about Carrigan at the moment--her six teeth or her new word, "apple".

4) The big girls are continuing to do well in school.  Mali enjoys it more than she did last year and has no separation anxiety to speak of.  Brinnly has surprised us all about that.  She treasures her "individual" time at school independent of her sisters.  Poor Carrigan wants a turn there too.  Two more years, we tell her.

5)  We've been thinking about this blog and how best to continue it without becoming burned out or boring our "audience".  Is Facebook really killing the family blog?  More pictures?  Less pictures?  A running theme?  Time off?  Hmmm....suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the blog for those of us who don't do Facebook (your parents!). We love showing off the pictures, too.

sassy mia said...

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