Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good things come in packages from Pennsylvania

Four of the five of us had the stomach flu last week and goodness, it was miserable. We're not quite sure how Brinnly survived--it's certainly not a result of her diet. However, a few lovely gifts arrived via mail to make our week manageable.

First, from the Wilsons, three fancy-shmancy tutus all in the "right" colors!  Orange!  Purple! Pink!  In that order! As you can see, the girls don't even make it out of jammies in the morning before they come on. 

(She thought Johnny Wilson would approve of the Steeler shirt)

Sometimes Brinnly even wears two of them at the same time. It goes really well with her early-morning hair.

Carrigan just learned how to "cheese" for the camera.

And speaking of Miss Carrigan...
look what Kellie created for her:

Isn't it incredible?  It completely captures our baby girl and I immediately remember the details of the day I took that snapshot every time I look at it.  It will perfect next to her sketches of the other girls on our living room wall.  Have we mentioned lately how thankful we are for our dear friends?


Erica said...

I am glad the tutus were a hit! I was excited to find them. I personally loved my blue tutu and Minnie mouse tutu Bethany and I shared when we were small.

Erica said...

P.S. Johnny approves of the Steeler's shirt.