Friday, July 01, 2011

Five on Friday

1)  Mali and Brinn had a week at Redeemer's Vacation Bible School this week.  Great programming, and Mali's teacher was a former co-worker of mine from my school social work days.

2) One more birthday note about Mali:  my mom took her out for a special 1:1 birthday lunch the day before the big day.  She chose Red Lobster and devoured her "Garlic Grilled Shrimp" served on a skewer.

3) After much research, we bought new car seats for the girls at Babies R' Us.  We even ended up with a "twins' discount" because we bought the same seat for Brinn and Carrigan!

4) Jonathan installed the car seats after bedtime one night.  He took some time to look over the manuals, etc.  Our neighbor walked across the street and declared that Jonathan had been out there much too long. So he handed him a cold beer and offered to help with the installation.  Isn't that great? 

5)  Coincidentally, while Jonathan was doing that, I was emailing and making plans to catch up with former neighbors of ours from our Highland Park days who now lives in North Carolina.  Neighbors truly make Pittsburgh a unique town.

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