Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Sleeping Beauty Tea Party

I read in a parent's guide to birthday party book recently that five year old's like as much as say as possible for their birthday parties.  The anticipation and planning is often most of the fun for them.  Needless to say, our five year old had definite ideas about what this party should look like.  We did our best to accommodate.
Presenting...Princess Amalia, age 5.  Sleeping Beauty Dress compliments of Grandpa Gregg & Grandma Sandy.  Coordinating shoes by Grandma Deni.  They aim to please.
Everyone had to wear crowns


The tea party was up first.  We included wardrobe changes for the princesses as needed.

Grandma Deni was also the interior designer of the tea party.

It was kids only in there.  Thankfully, the one boy involved was easy-going about the whole thing.

Grown-ups were allowed to observe.  In crowns.

The royalty

Wonderful presents of books and dresses and mroe.  (Note Brin's outfit change)

Finally..the Sleeping Beauty cake.  Soon after that it turned into a water party.  The Sleeping Beauty Warter Play Tea Party. Fun for all.

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Aunt Julie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE please tell Mali we are sorry we couldn't be there and we love her so very much! and the rest of you as well OF COURSE! xoxox