Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Glimpse

We had an ultrasound on Friday to find out a little more info on Baby Ward #4.  At my first appointment the week before, the midwife thought I was measuring big so she wanted to determine the exact due date.  Not to mention, rule out the possibility of twins!  (Two of our friends in Michigan had twins for babies #4 & 5 so it's always been in the back of our mind).  But the scan showed one healthy baby, due right around December 23 as expected.  It was actually difficult for the tech to take a measurement since the baby was wiggling around so much--perfect for us to see.  We're all thrilled.  Mali wants a girl, Brinnly wants a boy.  Carrigan just wants someone to partner with when the big girls leave her out.  They were also pretty excited to open bins of maternity clothes today--those three can turn anything into a fashion show.

Any suggestions for names starting with D?


beckarecka said...

What about Delaney if its a girl? I'm so happy that everything looks good and progressing well.

aunt Julie said...

Delaney, ... D's are hard!

mh said...

I'm so thrilled for you guys! I can't imagine better parents of four kids than you two, and Mali, Brinn, and Carrigan will be fabulous big sisters. For what it's worth...

Dylan is too common, anymore, but I saw a version I liked...Dallon (this could work for a girl, too.)
Damian was an early church martyr, but also a creepy kid in a horror film. :)
Dashiell (Dash for short; name of a great writer!)
Daxton (Dax for short)
(Please don't name him Duncan, though. Name of a nightmare student of mine!) :)
Dorsey (possible unisex)
Overall,I agree with the choice of Delaney, because D names for girls are difficult. One of my dearest and most unique students had that name. I loved her! :)
I know you guys are trying to go the unique route, and it's challenging as you get farther along in the alphabet. :) Good luck!