Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Reading Log #1

I still have Mali's Sleeping Beauty/Tea Party pictures to post, but before I forgot, I wanted to blog about our current reading adventures.  Both Mali and Brinn had grown tired of phonics lessons, so we decided to take a break from those for the summer.  We still do regular workbook sessions and read on our normal schedule, but I wanted to challenge their comprehension a little more.  We agreed that I would choose a longer-than-normal chapter book for them every week or two for all of us to work through. They would then be responsible for rating it--one, two, or three stars.  (I had lots more ideas of extensions to do with these books, but honestly, with our summer schedule, it just won't happen). I love everything they are absorbing through the Magic Tree House Collection, but even Jack & Annie need a break sometimes.  Not to mention Junie B. Jones.

Our first choice was Stuart Little.  I hardly remembered it from my childhood, and wanted to expose the girls to older vocabulary.  Brinnly struggled at times with the chapter length, but Mali really enjoyed it after the first chapter.  All of us were a little disappointed with the number of "loose ends" left at the end.  The verdict:  2 stars from Brinnly, 19 from Mali.  Not bad, Stuart.

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Sarah said...

Are u homeschooling, or just doing enrichment with the girls?