Thursday, December 01, 2011

It's December Already?

Since we somehow missed blogging during the entire month of December, here's a quick list of 30 things we are thankful for this year.  One for each day that we missed.  Here goes:

1) Friends and family, obviously.
2) Jonathan's new job and the relief it brought from unemployment and underemployment.
3)  The ability for Kaethe to be home with the girls during this season of life.
4) A healthy, uneventful pregnancy of Baby D..
5) A relatively easy move and transition to pregnancy.
6).  Hard good-byes in Michigan.  (That means there are people we love there)
7)  Lots of places to call 'home".
8) Church families that support us in so many ways.
9) Faithful pastors that preach the Word of God so clearly.
10) Friends that travel to visit us.
11) Friends who welcomed us back here with open arms.
12) Renters in our Michigan house
13) Our current house that meets all of our needs.  Even with it's "idiosyncrasies".
14)  Our charming neighborhood.
15) Cellphones, blogs, Facebook, and Skype to help us stay connected.
16) Redeemer Lutheran School, specifically Kindergarten & preschool
17) Committed teachers to challenge and nurture our girls
18) Chaperoning Mali's field trip to the play "SkippyJohn Jones".  (One November outing)
19) Watching Mali and Brinnly perform Christmas songs at Oakmont's Light-Up Night. (Another November outing)
20) Carrigan's love of trips to Target and the Oakmont library as an only child.
21) Pittsburgh's Children Museum, Aviary, Blue Slide Park and the memories they've provided this year.
22) Vacations to Florida, West Virginia, Indiana, and Michigan.
23) Living grandparents who share history with our children.
24) Parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers-in-law, and cousins who spoil our children.
25) Good health for all of us.
26) The ten year anniversary of our wedding.
27)  Wonderfully talented and caring midwives ready to help our family grow once again.
28) A safe and peaceful country.
29) Hope for children's futures.
30)  The knowledge that each and every blessing comes from our Heavenly Father, who knows each one of our needs before we can even imagine it. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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