Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We've always loved having summer babies.  June, September, and July births were filled with sunshine and lots of choices of outside activities for the whole family.  Carrigan was probably three weeks old when we took her for her first visit to Lake Michigan.  Mali's first outing out was to an ice cream shop very near her current school.  Maternity sundresses are very forgiving.  The list goes on...

We were a little unsure of what a pregnancy would be like this time of year, but both of us noticed the other day how much we are enjoying it.  There are so many parallels in the preparation of pregnancy and Advent.  (Probably because the first Advent involved a pregnancy...).  We are spending time preparing our home for Christmas and the baby's room for the new resident.  We are cutting out lots of unnecessary activities and focusing on the special ones for this time of year.  The cards are out, shopping is done, and we are being glad recipients of cookies this year, instead of our usual bake-a-thon.  With a few exceptions. Napping is always a big priority.  So is our family time together at home.

Amalia's class made paper chains for Advent and each night she takes one off, reads the word of the day (that she learned earlier in school) and shares what she knows about it.  We read the related Scripture verse together and sing "Lift Up your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates".   Short and sweet, but it's our routine.  How are you preparing this year?

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