Friday, July 20, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Delaney. Is. Crawling.  That about sums about her past week or so.  She has also discovered household treasures such as Trivial Pursuit game pieces, baby wipes, and the toilet brush.  Thankfully I have a crew behind me readily available to snatch such items out of her hands before they make it to her mouth.  She's pretty darn proud of herself.

2.  No, that's not another Ward girl...that's our newest Goddaughter...Sarah Rose Meyer.  What an honor to stand beside her parents, Ruth & Jonathan at her baptism.  Our families number 12 now!  (Not including stuffed animals).  


3. Speaking of baptisms and Godparents...we traveled to Hanover, PA last weekend to meet sweet, handsome, Eli Wilson.  If you can follow this baptism family tree, Jonathan was Matt's godfather approximately 8 years ago when Matt was baptized at First Trinity (the church where we met Matt and Erica.  Before they were "Matt and Erica".).  Fast forward through their wedding, a few moves and a few more babies, and Delaney is blessed to have them as her godparents.  And now we are the same to Eli.  It was another wonderfully special weekend, even though we clearly have no skills in soothing little boys.  At least I didn't drop the binky into the font as I did at Sarah's baptism.

 4.  Our girls started gymnastics class last night and was it ever a hit.  We could watch through the window and Carrigan especially just beamed during it.  Right now they are signed up just for the summer but they are already asking for it to be a regular thing.  We'll see.

5) Today's to-do list includes prepping My Little Pony cupcakes for a certain 3-year-old birthday party tomorrow.  Speaking of the ponies, this was forwarded to my FB wall this week.  In the words of our friend, "the bronies are everywhere!"

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Melbourne Kidston said...

Great photos. Hope your party goes well! We had a birthday party on the weekend washed out by rain so we had an indoor reptile party instead. The kids still had fun.
All the best