Monday, July 23, 2012

Seven Months Old!

Look at that sweetness!  Our little "lovely lamb" is pretty proud of her latest skills--sitting up by herself and crawling over every inch of this house.  The weekend we spent in Hanover I kept thinking her godfather Matt was sitting her up like that and that she was MUCH too young for it.  Um, no.  Laney was pulling herself to that position and handling it like a champ.  She's got only one problem with crawling--the fact that she realizes everyone else in the world is vertical and she thinks she should be too.

As far as food goes, she's loving mango and sweet potatoes the best but will eat anything we put in front of her.  She's also eyeing her sister's new birthday Legos.  She lives for pool and bath time but is pretty "chill" most other times.  As her daddy says, "I could eat her up with a spoon!".

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