Monday, December 24, 2012

Twelve (count them, twelve!) Months Old!

Check out this BIG GIRL with Pooh!  She's certainly not a little baby anymore.  This month has been full of travels and fun for her and she's taken it in stride.  She still loves to eat, climb, and play.  She can spot another baby a mile away and laughs like crazy if she sees one in person or on a screen.  She cuddles up to her Eeyores at bedtime and snoozes away and then wakes us up with their jingles.  Sweet as can be.  We have a million more things to say about her and her birthday and everything else from this past year but wanted to make sure this gets posted before Christmas.  We can hardly remember what life was like a year ago before she was such a part of our family--and we like it that way!
See ya, Pooh!  Laney's got better things to do!

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