Friday, August 09, 2013

A few more pics from July...

 New favorite game:  Tell-Tale.  Love those Blue Orange games!  A big thanks to Jill from "Just Jilly" (a GR friend) for the recommendation. 
 SO excited to have her own play-doh machine.
 Before church pictures with the birthday girl

 I love so many things about this picture--the fact that Laney is wearing Keen sandals with a fancy dress, the fact that Eeyore is in it (he's everywhere these days!) and Brinnly's expression.
 Cousin Lauren is super-cool
 So is the game the Ryans gave Carrigan

 On to our Lake House trip...look at Brinn's catch!  It was quite a sunfish!
The weather wasn't ideal for boating so we just did a few quick trips and spent time indoors too.  And it wouldn't be a Shunkwiler vacation without baking with Grandma Sandy! 

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