Saturday, August 17, 2013

A "Pure Michigan" Evening

Our regular camping spot had many fine aspects including a great beach, but you just can't top Lake Michigan.  So after camping, we headed up to Berrien, started our camping laundry, and headed to Silver Beach.  It wasn't quite warm enough for swimming (not that it stops the kids from getting soaked) but the sun was still beautiful.
 There are some friends that you may go for months without seeing but when you do, it's like no time had passed.  Pick right up where you left off.  We are very blessed to have friends like that throughout our lives.  The Posts are no exception.  Their three boys plus our four girls makes a pretty special combination.  The grown-ups caught up on all of the events of the past few months and reminisced about our GR days together.  (Squash soup!  Veggie Lasagna!)  Our kids were as industrious as ever and got right to work on making sand cookies and pies and digging an even bigger hole they had found.  Our oldest are still the schemes (thanks to Zeke we had M &M cookies), the middles are the peacemakers, and the four-year-olds are handfuls. They are all growing up much too quickly (Braces!  Hairstyles!) so we treasure these times more than ever now.  And are thankful for such a Pure Michigan setting to enjoy them in.

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