Monday, December 09, 2013

Five to Start the Week

1.  Here's my girls looked like last Monday morning at 7:25 am.  All four ready to walk out door for school, uniforms as required.  It was THEN I realized that their bus hadn't driven past yet. And that there hadn't been any lunch listed on the school calendar.  Yup. Somehow I had missed a SCHEDULED day off at school


 2.  So we headed to the mall instead.  I had forgotten how much fun this play area was.  Delaney was elated to see a "Daniel Tiger" exhibit.

3.The next morning was unseasonably warm so by 8 am, the little girls and I were doing this: 

I love Pittsburgh mild winters.

4.The girls' new Christmas dresses arrived the other day.  Here's a sneak peak that in no way does them justice.  Compliments of Grandma Sandy, of course.  I just may do all of our shopping at Hanna Andersson.  The sale prices are reasonable and I love the modest, comfortable, but yet pretty clothes for little girls.
5.  Delaney has wrapped up this evening by learning to climb out of her crib.  Heaven help us.

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