Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Oh good heavens, how is our baby girl two?  Delaney Fay, you have delighted us in so many ways over the past twenty-four months.  You talk non-stop, probably more than any child I know. (Including both Brinnly and Jack Ryan!) You prefer to run, not walk, or climb anywhere possible.  Everyone who sees you remarks how you "keep right up with your sisters'.  But you are certainly a child of your own personality.  You love peanut butter and jelly, the color blue, Eeyore, your blanket from Aunt Karianne (blue, of course), and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Like clockwork, you turn wild at 7:45 pm each night, much like you did in the womb.  But when you sweetly declare "hugs!" and lunge for each of your sisters after bedtime prayers, we can't help but be charmed by you.  You have the sweetest possible manners but know how to play hard-to-get, especially with one sister in particular.  Sigh. We've also learned how to delicately tell you "no" so we don't all get drenched in your waterworks.
Laney-cakes, we love you from head to toe. I can't imagine a better "assistant" teacher (or, wait, am I your assistant?) or a sweeter sour apple little girl to cuddle.  We are so very thankful God saw fit to add you to our family!

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