Monday, February 02, 2015

First Day

 Speaking of growing, now that Delaney is three, we decided to let her start at our school's child care center one morning a week during their preschool time. She was beyond excited and has talked about little else since our tour there a week ago.  She eagerly packed her lunch and backpack that day just like her sisters and even when she was a little intimidated, she put on her brave face.  I called to check in on her before picking her up and she was just finishing up her first project.  Glitter!  She's really a big girl now.  I am so thankful for a great place like this for her, especially when I have so many OB appointments for the babies. Once again, we are thankful for the blessing of Lutheran schools.  Happy belated National Lutheran Schools Week!

(She was really much more excited than this shows--just a little annoyed at her tearful mommy who kept interrupting her fun to snap pictures)

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