Monday, February 02, 2015

Milwaukee Art Museum Field Trip

 I had the opportunity to occupy the older girls on their school field to the gorgeous Milwaukee Art Museum last week. What fun!  I haven't been there in years, and never with kids. There was a good bit of construction going on so not much actual art was on display.  Instead, we did an architectural tour along with time in the kids' workshop.  Each of the girls constructed their own art museum. The museum itself is a work of art (Calatrava was both an artist and engineer--work hard in math, kiddos) and is wonderful to see both inside and outside. The Chihuly sculpture was an added bonus.  This spring may be a little too ambitious, but I hope to make this a regular outing for our family.

 A pizza lunch afterwards was a hit too, especially when my girls excitedly devoured 5+ pieces Some boys in Mali's class had to be reminded to stop playing and actually eat.  Never a problem in our family!

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