Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ten Months Old

 Pooh is just about retired from this line of duty! It is a good thing overalls are so good for cruising because these two are on the go. Constantly. They love exploring new Christmas toys, their sisters' craft stashes, the pantry, and all things in the bathroom. Everly has several words now including "Dada", "Mama", and possibly "Hi" and "Up". She shrieks with excitement every time she sees the phone, in hopes that it is her daddy calling and she can chat with him. Grant mainly sticks to "Mama", probably because he knows how much it makes me smile. He's finally learned how to sleep at night without being swaddled, only because he outgrew every swaddle blanket on the market. At their check-up last week, they weighted in at 15 lbs, 2oz, and 17 lbs, 5 oz. Healthy and strong! New favorites include oranges, breakfast sausage, Pat the Bunny, and bedtime songs.

And...this guy would like everyone to know that his recent fussiness was all because of a tooth that popped out on Saturday! We were thinking it was an ear infection but were happy to be wrong! Carrigan lost a tooth the same day, so maybe the Tooth Fairy just swapped them out.

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