Monday, July 26, 2010

Five on Monday

1) In the past eight days we have been to a funeral visitation, VBS, a family dinner, a bridesmaid luncheon, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding, and a first birthday party. Whoa.

2) It's a boy! Joshua Allen Wissing, age 30, joined our family as official brother-in-law on Saturday. Woo-hoo!

3) Brinnly read her first book "by heart" to Carrigan this morning. Carrigan loved hearing her favorite "Gossie" by her. She did REALLY well even though we haven't read it for a few days. I had no idea she had it memorized! It reminded me so much of Mali reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to Brinnly when she was about that age.

4) Two years ago this past weekend we moved to Grand Rapids. What a bittersweet time period! This past weekend made us especially glad to be so close to all of our family.

5) We have really good friends. Really good. Friends that travel for big events and send us fun packages in the mail and love our kids. Friends that are more generous than we could have imagined. Thank you--all of you.

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