Thursday, July 22, 2010

Twelve Months Old

She stopped playing in her new princess chair long enough to pose for the final picture with Pooh. I have never seen a little girl love sitting (and standing and climbing) on chairs so much! Her big sisters suggested that she try eating lunch in it with them and she was SO proud to be such a big girl.

This has been quite a week for Miss Carri-Grace. The bigger girls and I have headed to VBS each evening so far, leaving Carrigan and Daddy at home together. They have loved their time reading books, tending the garden, and playing crawling hide-and-seek. She now sits frontward-facing in a big girl car seat and even used a fork and spoon at meals a few times. She still only has one tooth but her hair can occasionally hold in a barrette. All of a sudden she loves getting dressed and being "pretty". Good thing we have so many princess dress-up clothes here.

None of our kids have been particularly difficult babies (other stages have been a different story!) but Carrigan had an especially easy first year. She'll probably pay us back in some way in the future for that. She's still even-keel and generally sweet. Just keep that food coming at meal times and don't expect her to sign "more". She freely gives hugs, kisses, and waves and still says "Yay", "Mama" and "Dada". She adores her sisters but does need space from them. We expect her to take a few steps in the next few weeks.

Carrigan, you have filled our family with so much joy this past year. We love you Care-Bear!

***her onesise in the first picture does say "Cal"...our boy name for her that we never needed.

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Love the Cal onesie!