Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July, the first part

We celebrated Mali's birthday belatedly with the Stevens. She was already dressed for the next holiday!

We made our second-annual appearance at the Alger Heights Bike Parade. Mali and Brinnly each one prizes in the tricycle category which we quickly redeemed for free ice cream cones that night.

We were also very fortunate to spend a day at Spring Lake on our friends' parents' boat. Beautiful! Mali loved every second of being in the water. Brinn, on the other hand, preferred to "drive". She was also perfectly happy to come back in and cuddle up for a few stories. Carrigan stayed back in the condo and made good use of the new toys there.
As if we hadn't had enough water fun for one weekend, we visited Kirk Park Beach on Monday, July 5th. We had planned on just staying home and finally focusing on a few home tasks that day but the weather got the best of us. It was a fantastic, small, family beach and we held our belated Father's Day celebration for Jonathan there and even picked up Arby's on the way for him. It was an absolutely perfect outing. So perfect, in fact, that we forgot to even take the camera out of the beach bag. Our sunburns will have to serve as the reminders of that day.

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