Monday, August 29, 2011

23 Weeks

Dear Baby "D",

We know, we the time your oldest sister was this far along we had oodles of pictuers and posts about her. The other two sisters weren't that far behind.  And now we are over halfway along in the pregnancy and finally we post something about you.  Just like your sisters, you are already making mama's tummy quite the sight.  I'm sure all of the BBQ potato chips you've been demanding are contributing to that. You have been noticeably moving and kicking for about five weeks now and Daddy felt you the first time he attempted to try to capture one of those movements.  Your sisters claim they can feel you and even hear you all of the time--wishful thinking, I'm sure. 

We've got a pretty good list of names for you now but we're keeping our mouths shut in order to surprise everyone on your birth day.  We're so thankful that both ultrasounds so far show a strong, healthy baby.  (And no, we certainly didn't ask to see if you were a boy or girl--we love those surprises).  Amalia, Brinnly, and Carrigan were able to hear your heartbeat at The Midwife Center this week.  What a special moment.  They described it as a '"choo-choo" sound and Carrigan immediately asked to hear it again.  They were a little confused by my happy tears.  I just couldn't believe I was hearing all four of my children at once.  I'm sure there will plenty more time I will hear all four of those voices together!  Loudly!

So, #4, we may not have as many pictures or posts about you (yet!), but we certainly hope you know already that you are loved by all five us out-of-the womb Wards as well as plenty others.  Just think, you are the first kiddo int he family to have six big-sister hands all set to cuddle you!

Love, Mommy & Daddy


Sarah said...

U look great!!

A. Julie said...

you are both so beautiful! love you baby D ! love you Lil 'mommy!

The Voogts said...

You look great! Love the belly. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.