Monday, August 08, 2011

Our Day at Disney

Our tricks for managing little kids at Disney?  A 2:1 adult kid ratio and several strollers.

First up:  the carosel outside of Cinderella's Caste

Carrigan was SO ANNOYED by Jonathan here. She wanted to ride all by herself.

She barely tolerated us with her on the teacups and tried to push Jonathan off of the Dumbo ride.  Not that she was scared, just that she wanted to show everyone what a big girl she is.

One of the very best parts was the actual meeting of the princesses.  After a wait (even with the FASTPASS) we were escorted into a room where Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Belle were available for conversation and photo ops.  They were true to character and charming to the girls. Cinderalla encouraged us to be home by midnight.  The girls were completely captivated.

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Overall, it was a fantastic day.  With the help of a great guidebook and the FASTPASS process, we fit in 12 rides from the time opened until dinner. Favorites included the Monsters Inc. show and Buzz Lightyear's ride.  After that we drove back to the  Winter Haven area because a certain husband of mine had been craving BBQ.  Then Brinnly and Carrigan headed to bed while Amalia had a special night out back at Disney with just her mom and dad.  She chattered the whole way there about beating her previous score in the Buzz ride ("Buzz is going to be so proud of me!" she kept saying) and loved taking advantage of a few of the darker rides like the Haunted Mansion and Snow White's Scary Adventure. We were all exhausted the next day but pulled ourselves together to enjoy donuts and good organ music at the clubhouse's coffee hour.

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