Monday, August 29, 2011

August Camping--our new tradition

We met Grandma Deni at Pokagon State Park in Angola, IN for our first multi-night camping adventure.  The kids did great!  They were so excited to see where their daddy had camped when he was a boy.  Aunt Amber, Uncle Banish, and Carl joined us for a day too. Pony rides, beach play, playgrounds, and campfires took up the majority of our beautiful weather days. The girls also had lots of opportunities for biking and now Mali's on a two-wheeler!  Of course, we're not too die-hard about roughing it to miss an opportunity to eat at the restaurant at Potawatomi Inn in the park or the charming Angola Pizza Hut.  It was wonderful for the girls to be outside all day without so much of a mention of a screen or other technology.  We're making an annual tradition out of this!

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