Monday, October 15, 2012

Five to start the week

1)  We had a great time this weekend with Grandpa Gregg and Grandma Sandy visiting.  As usual, we were too busy to snap many pictures but here's a quick one of Brinn and her grandma and their belated birthday chocolate fudge cake.  Doesn't Brinn look pleased as punch about it?  Try to look past her'll be seeing it again in a few weeks.

2) We have entered the decade and Jonathan has a smartphone.  Loving it.  More options to video these kiddos!

3) Carrigan's finally adjusting to preschool. It's taken her a while to feel comfortable there but Thursday was a breakthrough day for her.  So proud.

4)  Amalia's making progress in reading too, slowly but surely.  It's fascinating to me to watch how writing comes more easily to her in terms of words and sounds.  Science, art, and math are still her favorites.

5) I WISH I had pictures of Delaney's self-appointed new job at bath time.  She decided the other day that she would stand by the side of the tub and try to grab her sisters to scrub them.  Carrigan's curls are the most tempting.  Laney also grabs the soap and shampoo bottles and tries in earnest to make them work. Her enthusiasm tumbled her right into the tub on one occasion.  Fully dressed of course, with shoes.  Thankfully, I was right there.  She found it hysterical and tried to tell Jonathan about it.


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Michael P. O'Connor said...

Tell Johnathan if he had the good sense to get an Android phone to contact me I can still use a few more Beta Testers for the Issues Etc Android App.

You guys should still have my Cell phone number.

I miss you all in Pittsburgh

--Michael P. O'Connor