Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ten Months Old

 Check out our sweet, docile little baby here.  What a calm personality, right?  Um, not exactly.  This little firecracker of ours has been keeping us hopping lately.  I turned my back for one minute the other day (after making sure the safety gates were secured and toilet seats were down, of course) and THIS is what I find:

Yes, that is Laney over halfway up the ladder of her sisters' bunk beds. She was so dismayed that I wouldn't let her go further.  Thankfully the camera was close enough I could hold he with one hand (or Carrigan's help) and capture the moment in pictures.  She's a fast one, that girl.

Lane is still loving her toddler "school" and friends there but is glad to have Mommy to herself afterwards and see her sisters later.  She creeps and crawls her way through the house finding anything possible to put in her mouth.  She also likes pencils, crayons, and the computer keyboard, as opposed to actual toys.  Maybe we have a future journalist?  We're thankful she's still nursing about six times a day and is extra-cuddly in the early morning.  She's been known to shed a few tears for her daddy when we leaves in the morning and he's a total sucker for her. Actually, that's true for all of us.

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