Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our October is complete...Opal is here.

 We have been waiting ALL MONTH (actually, a lot longer than that) to welcome the Ryans' sweet bundle of joy, so we were thrilled to get the call the other day that she was on her way.  (We think she knew there was already a lot of energy between our two families so in order to stake her place in the crew, she waited for a hurricane in order to arrive).  We hurried over there for some playtime with the older kids.  Pizza, dress-up, and Little Bear videos were fine until this little babe was carried in the door.
 Opal Therese, you have a pretty big fan club.

 She's sweet and beautiful and thankfully pretty mellow in the midst of excitement!  (We are, of course, experts on sweet, beautiful baby girls)

Delaney is beyond excited that she now has a partner for pizza night. Pictures were not available of her, however, because the instant we would turn out attention to baby Opal, Delaney would dash up the Ryan's stairs in search of the choking-hazard Legos in the attic. But soon those two are going to be best buds. 

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Dakotapam said...

Awwww so sweet! New babies are the best!