Thursday, July 03, 2014


 How in the world is it possible that we have an eight year old? Goodness gracious, it does seem like just yesterday we went in for a 41+ week check-up at Allegheny General and came out a few days later with bunches of pink flowers and the prettiest baby girl we had ever set eyes on.  But these  days we look at her cartwheeling around or reading chapter books, or cracking eggs for a recipe with ease...and wow, she's pretty grown up. But still as bold and lovely as the day she was born.

This year was a tough one for our sweet girl. She said good-bye to her best buddy since baby-hood when he and his family packed up and moved to Wisconsin. Her best school playmate chose to homeschool instead this year.  Her teacher moved mid-year.  Tough things for a second-grader!  And she felt them all, but she managed okay.  We hugged a lot, encouraged and pep-talked quite a bit, and found that gymnastic lessons brought out the best in her. I'm confident that next year will be a bit easier for her, but for now I'm proud that our biggest girl can do hard things.

She continues to love climbing, jumping, swinging, and swimming.  But not running or ballet-type dancing. She's our most tomboy-like and dresses almost every day in a T-shirt and leggings (school excepted, of course) with a bit of bling in a headband or necklace. She's a foodie with an eye for a recipe and tastebuds for herbs.  Screen time is usually her favorite time of the day, especially a computer game of some sort. Her daddy still pretty much hung the moon for her but she has a soft spot in her heart for her mommy, especially when school is tough.

Amalia June, you changed life as we knew it eight years ago, and we can't thank you enough for that.  We love to watch you delight in life and grow into a young lady. Your report card this year described you as "fun-loving".  You responded, "That's me--fun and loving!".  So very true!  We pray that you will continue to bless us with that fun and love this coming year as you have done every year so far.

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