Monday, July 28, 2014



Five years ago the midwife placed the most beautiful blond-haired baby girl into our arms and all was right with our world.  I can barely remember some parts of our lives then--we lived in a different state, Jonathan had a different job, we had a relatively "small" family.  But that little girl changed a lot of things for us, all for good.

Today, Carrigan Grace is sweet and spunky and still a one-of-a-kind.  Throughout the day I am surprised with a strong hug around my legs and it's always her  She wakes up early (with her sister Mali) and is ready to take on the day, as long as it doesn't require getting dressed, putting away her clothes, or carrying over her breakfast dishes.  She just *might* have a stubborn streak in her, but that's a good thing too.  This summer she's made huge strides in swimming and is days away from being able to ride her bike without training wheels.  Way younger than her sisters.  She's a tough worker when she sets her mind to it.

School was good for her this year.  She grew in skills and for the first time reached out to other playmates and planned playdates and adventures. But she'd still probably prefer to be home with her sisters, or reading a Katie Kazoo or Little House on the Prairie book.  She plays really well with them usually, and her independent play fascinates me.

Our Peach still loves fruit (minus bananas), salads, cheeseburgers, pierogies, vinegar, brussel sprouts, and a few other random treats. She could take or leave carbs, and dairy is NOT her thing. They all have some different tastes!  She's an outdoor girl with love for both the sun and the snow. One of our favorite things this winter was to walk around the block so she could make footprints in the snow.  She was the perfect age for that to delight her.

Carrigan Grace, you are the middle of our family and the middle of all of our hearts. We love your enthusiasm, your sweetness, your sensitivity, and your tenacity.  You are truly and independent spirit and we can all learn from that.  We are so very blessed that God gave us you for our family.  We love you, Blondie-Blond!

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