Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fall Creek Falls

When Jonathan was eight years old, his mom discovered Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee as part of a family vacation.  They loved it so much that they went back the following year.  And now we have an eight year old, so it was time that all of us went on a vacation there together. The location did not disappoint!  The gorges, the outlooks, the hiking trails, the cascades, and the all-around beauty were spectacular.  Grandma Deni was a trooper with having an injured foot and had to sit out on most active outings but we still managed to accompany her to her favorite place on earth, Buzzard's Roost.  The hotel pool and playground were huge hits too, especially when Carrigan found her swimming groove there.  The weather was exactly what we were hoping for with plenty of sunshine but yet mild temperatures. A very special trip that we hope to do again someday!

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