Sunday, December 28, 2014

Carrigan's big news

So, this blond girl had begged and begged and her parents have agreed.  It is official that she now attends Kindergarten every day, all day.  Our school allows families to choose the best option for them and we saw many benefits in the older girls only attending half-days, in the mornings. But Carrigan was the only one of the eight students in her class to do so and really felt that she was missing out. She is also blending letter sounds together so well and working so hard on the rest of her reading skills that we hate for her to miss out on any opportunity to practice that. We hear her practicing that long after we have put her to bed.  So, we decided to let her spend her afternoons with her wonderful teacher and sweet Kinder-friends and it has been a good transition for all of us. (Especially for Delaney and her mommy who can now nap uninterrupted!)

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