Sunday, December 28, 2014


Three years ago we were given the gift of a fourth daughter--a gift we had hoped and prayed for quite some time.  Our precious little "D" baby we thought would complete our family perfectly. Well, she was indeed precious (and silly and feisty and lovable) but she has brightened our family in more ways than we ever could have expected.
Laney is not one to miss out on any action.  She is often described as "keeping up with her sisters" by others and that is the truth.  But yet she is always her own person.  She plays so well by herself and often her toys of choice are trains and cars. She dreams of being a "tractor girl" someday and can spot a Bobcat a mile away. She sings and plays her guitar often but then suddenly demands "just quiet" in the car.
She and I are together a lot these days while her sisters are in school.  I cherish our time together and am impressed how well she does being toted around to dr's appointments, school pick-ups and other errands. Of course, days that Daddy joins us at home are her most favorite treats ever as he is still and will likely always be her main hero. Although Cailou and Arthur from PBS are up there too. She loves pizza, tacos, playgrounds, snail books, library story times, and Eeyore.  Somehow she has determined though that potatoes, corn, pizza toppings, and chocolate are not worth her time.  She is clear to remind us of her preferences daily.
Delaney Fay, you are such a joy. Your humor and easy-going (at times) personality daily reminds us that two more babies in the house will be blessings as well. And that change will even be easier with your help! After all, you are such a good caretaker of your Daddy, we know you are an expert already. Your hugs, kisses, and sweet words make us smile even during tough moments. Never grow up too big to snuggle up for a nap between Mommy and Daddy. We love you so incredibly much and thank God every day for you.

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