Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Part II

Merry Christmas again!  It's still Christmas, so we're still celebrating and hope you are too.  The stomach flu and a cold virus are trying their best to interrupt our festivities but we are carrying on.  We arrived in Michigan on Saturday and the extended Shunkwiler family was well enough to exchange gifts together right away. Such fun!  Here's a few clips:

I wish I had a few more with the fam all together but things went downhill quickly then in terms of sickness.  It was especially sweet to watch Julia open "Pat the Bunny" have her cousins read to it to her over the next few days. We are all excited to give Grandpa's new record player/CD player/MP3 player some use in the basement too very soon. So far, Brinnly's American Girl Doll CD is the only thing that's been played.
We also enjoyed an extended Shunkwiler post-Chrismas celebration at the Hinchman church including my Great-Grandma Ruth's recipe for raisin cookies.  We had big plans for a NYE date night out, but the stomach flu interferred so we delayed our plans a bit. Times like this make us especially grateful for family closer-by where even when we are sick and we stick together, cheer on our Wisconsin Badgers, and eat Christmas cookies. And thank goodness it is still Christmas--keep celebrating!  Christ is born!

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