Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Program Shots

 The girls did a wonderful job singing and reciting the Christmas story at the Children-led Advent service this week. It was Delaney's first year for this and she did really well. Much better than these pictures would lead you to believe.

She was sweet and smiley until I asked for a group shot.  
This was the best she would do. 
We told her we would post these pictures just like this if she kept pouting. 
On nights like these, having a lot of girls in the house just wears a guy out.

Since we didn't get a shot of Everly that night (although she was there!) here's a recent one of her all dolled up.To keep things fair!


The Wards said...

So cute!

deniporter said...

LOL Even photoshop can't remove a pout!