Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nine Months Old!

 Oh, Everly. Oh, Grant. Such double trouble these days. It is really hard to keep them still enough for a Pooh picture, even when they both have colds.  Poor Grant's eyes even look sick today but nothing is keeping these two down. They are into everything and it is a lot of fun to watch them. They know exactly where the Cheerios are in the pantry and go right towards them. They HATE the baby gate and are vocal about that. If it is silent, that means that Grant discovered an open gate, and is headed toward the basement or to the fire place. He also uses as raspy "Monster Voice" loudly when he is excited and loves to grab his daddy from his high chair for a little "table wrestling". Everly has a huge range of sounds (today I heard "mamamama" in there!) and the prettiest smile ever. She has little tolerance for her brother's wrestling with her, so she just grabs his binky from his mouth. Game over. Her happy place is in the Ergo on my back and she spends at least an hour in it a day, just hanging out while I take care of laundry, dishes, etc. She giggles and coos whenever I get it out of the closet.

They both are still nursing really well, eating solid foods with a vengeance, and sleep pretty well for babies. Their ideal bedtime is 6:00 pm (conveniently located at the start of dinner for the rest of us) but they have been troopers about managing to be awake during basketball games, evening church and other activities lately. When they do go down for naps or bedtime, they collapse into bed (he is still swaddled!) and are often immediately asleep. It is hard work to being such adorable, silly, busy babies. Love you Ever-Lou and Boojy-Two (nicknames courtesy of big sisters)

Everly really looks like Brinnly did at this age in this shot

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