Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Birthday Celebration

Our dear Grandma Dena celebrated her 82nd birthday this year and we traveled to Michigan to celebrate in the lovely new home of Aunt Amber and Uncle Banish. They were awesome hosts to all of us and it was so great to have that family all together, although we missed the rest of the Indiana Ward family. We enjoyed the birthday girl's request of lasagna and carrot cake (no, herbal cheese was NOT on the menu) and later checked out the very cool park a short walk away.  We could even wave to the hospital where three generations of the family were born (Jonathan, his mom, and his grandma) on our walk to the park. It feels really special to have roots back in the Park family's hometown of Niles, and we look forward to many more celebrations there

 We love you Grandma Dena and are thankful for the blessing you are all to all of us! Go Blue!

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