Friday, August 19, 2016


Seven years ago this seven pound, two ounce burst of sunshine entered our world. What a joy she has been!  She was really an easy baby and turned into a sweet although opinionated toddler. These days she's a big, grown-up second grader who brings a smile to us each day.
Carrigan starts her days early but if she happens to sleep in at all, Everly wakes her up with a loud "CARR-GAN! CARR-GAN!"  Those two love each other so much and have quite a few personality quirks in common. Carrigan was sad when school ended because she really liked her teacher and sweet classmates but adapted quickly to a low-key schedule of bike-riding, swimming, read, and crafting around here. Her big accomplishment this summer was passing the swim test at the pool and she's working hard on learning to dive. She also ran her first 5K with me this year and hiked the 3 Dune Challenge with her daddy. She usually joins me in morning YouTube workouts too. She's a silly one and can do a dead-on impression of Pittsburgh Dad or her own grandpa answering his "house phone". :)
She still loves fruit and cucumbers, tuna, and the color green. She's our most introverted but always lets her unique middle child personality shine though. She's the peanut butter in our sandwich and we are blessed beyond measure that God blessed us with her. Happy birthday Carrigan Grace Ward. We love you to pieces. 

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