Friday, August 19, 2016

Michigan Vacation

Last winter when it was cold and dark, Amalia got the idea for a boating vacation. It took one quick phone call to her Uncle Josh to get the Wissing family on board (Grandma Sandy and Grandpa were an easy sell) and the timing was right to plan for a week in Northern Michigan following the annual Tucker reunion. My sister found a fantastic house to rent right on the Cheboygan River and we explored that cute little town and spent our sunny days boating on the beautifully clear Mullet Lake.  We took a day trip to Mackinaw Island and ate great beachside food (and fudge!) after long walks and bike rides. It was a fantastic vacation filled with memories. 
This girl has been waiting her entire life to go to the beach!  Her personality totally changed after sun and sand.

This guy kept sneaking the amazing pies that our cousin Gerry made for us. Regardless of what time of day it was.  

Playing Headbands

The guys on the ferry ride to Mackinaw.

Amalia and Everly watching the island wake up. It was my favorite time there.

Early morning Mackinaw

Delaney at the Pink Pony Restaurant

Carrigan biked extra with us to check out Arched Rock. She was pretty proud of her new T-shirt too.

Grandma and Grandpa relaxing at lunch

The Coast Guard Ship in Cheboygan

We checked out every single playground in Cheboygan.

Amalia's happy place is on a tube

New T-shirts all around

Still eating pie

My boys

This guy was a total grump on boating day until Uncle Josh FINALLY let him drive the boat. It's a good thing he's cute.

She even loved the life jacket.

My Brinnly--she worried about her daddy on the tube.

Beach sisters

No kids!

Another brave girl

Is there tubing in the Olympics?

She caught the very first fish and had her dad grill it for lunch the next day!

Our prize at the Tucker Reunion--a gift that keeps on giving. :)

Yes, I come from a big family and twins do run in it. My grandpa, Opal Fay, has the pink caption.

A few of Opal Fay's great-granddaughters, including Delaney Fay

A jam-packed but happy minivan. 

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