Friday, June 01, 2012

On Brinnly & Preschool

Our "first youngest" has wrapped up her preschool career.  Her closing ceremony was yesterday and it was a delight to see her sing and perform with her class.  Her teacher had also been working on sign language with them and the class demonstrated those skills by signing all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  What a blessing to have Christian teachers.

We had gone back and forth with the idea of Brinn and preschool this year.  Redeemer's preschool is in a different campus than the rest of the school and a good 20 minutes away from our house.  Brinn is probably the best at independent play and "reading" of our kids and in a lot of ways homeschooling would have been good for her too.  We compromised with sending her two of the three morning a week program.  (Carrigan lived for those mornings that she and I filled with outings to Target and the library). Bhe enjoyed being a part of her own school, having "letter days", the gross motor play, the chapel services, and the music class.  She quickly made special friends with a set of twins who were too shy to talk to anyone but each other.  Her birthday treat of donuts cured that shyness.

Brinnly is off to Kindergarten next year.  She's technically 10 days past the age deadline, but we are considering her an exception.  We've watched Mali's curriculum throughout the past year and think it will be appropriate for Brinn now, even though she will be young for the grade.  And another Ward girl (Carrigan) will be starting preschool in the fall.  So congratulations to our Bug-a-boo...we can't wait to see what possible pose you come up with for your Kindergarten picture.!

(Sorry for the poor quality pictures--they were taken and sent from a friends' phone)

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Happy Mommy said...

That's so exciting!
My little one was just in daycare for 2 weeks while my Mom, who stays with him, was away. It was quite an experience for me and for him. We are thinking of putting him in daycare in September full time :)