Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Happy sixth birthday to the one who made us parents.  Amalia June Ward, you are as fierce and beautiful as the day you were born.  This year we have seen you grow even more than we expected.  As bold as ever you started Kindergarten (marched right on to that bus!), made new friends, learned to swim, welcomed a baby sister with open arms, began to read, and navigated more of the world around you each day. Your current favorite song is "Party in the USA" as well as a few more that we wish you didn't hear on the bus." You love screens in any form, the color turquoise, traveling, sushi, and making plans. You prefer writing to reading, and swingsets to bikes. We have watched you confidently leave our family "nest" and return to us with love. I hope to always remember the day you were passing out desserts to all of us and you paused by me and said, "And one for someone special!"  Daddy & I just eat up compliments from you since you speak nothing but the truth!

As much as you have grown, we still catch glimpses of our baby girl in you at times.  One morning we indulged in a yummy breakfast before heading down to our favorite seafood store in the Strip District.  When you saw chubby blow-fish, you asked with complete seriousness if they had gotten that way from eating too much bacon.  You also believe that the little boy on your bus really did travel to outer space last week.  At least you gave him a chance to talk instead of reminding him again about the Kindergarten discipline policies.  You do love justice in all forms. I love picturing you as a lawyer someday.  As well as a loving wife and mother, surrounded of course, by your sisters and their families.

Miss Amaila, there is nothing cuter than you dressed in a cape pretending to be WordGirl, shouting "Word Up!".  But even sweeter were the comforting words you provided to us and your aunt & uncle after we heard troubling news this spring.  The words of Mark 5:36 ("do not fear, only believe") were on your heart.  What a blessing to all of us to watch your faith grow.  That is our prayer for you, above all other prayers.  We love you so very much.  Thanks for being our first "pancake"

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