Thursday, June 21, 2012

On Mali and Kindergarten

Somewhere in the busyness of the last few weeks, our first baby girl graduated from Kindergarten. The morning of her "closing ceremony" she looked up at her Daddy and asked if there was any way he could ask his boss to leave work early that afternoon to watch her receive her Kindergarten certificate.  What's a daddy to say to that?  So all five of us in Mali's personal cheering section watched her perform as a storyteller, recite her songs/prayers, count to 100, and teach the audience a "chickety-chackety-chAMALIA" rhyme. 

Her teacher was nothing less than fantastic.  She knew how to push them tenderly and to provide the gentle structure that Mali thrives in.  She loved math and writing and persisted throughout reading, even when it was challenging.  One of her biggest accomplishments to date is only getting on "uh-oh frog" twice during the school year.  We'll take it.

Most importantly, she learned even more about Jesus and her faith and was guided to apply it in real-life interactions with others.  Thanks again to Redeemer Lutheran School to providing that for her.  She's proud to wear her RLS shirt and thrilled to go there all day next year for first grade. (GULP!)

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